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FREE Fireworks Phobia Survival Guide

Detailed how-to videos and resources to help your dog's phobia and anxiety – Prepare now for the next big holiday

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Taming the Chaos of Working from Home with Pets

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Thinking Outside the Box Stall Series

Let us show you how simple it can be to enrich your equine partners’ lives by providing opportunities to perform natural behaviors. Learn More November 7th | Northern California

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Build a great relationship with your animals through training, enrichment and more!

We offer a variety of services for all kinds of animals. Because we’ve worked with many species – from rhinos and zebras to lions and dolphins – we have a deep understanding of behavior and an outside-the-box approach to solving problems.

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Quality of life and performance both suffer when a horse expresses anxiety, boredom, or frustration. We will help you to identify the causes of your horse’s stress and resistance, establish clear, two-way communication and build a safer and more successful partnership.


Whether you’re dealing with complex issues like anxiety and aggression, or nuisance behaviors such as destructiveness and barking, we will help you understand the root causes of your dog’s problem behavior and provide a road map to success that best suits you and your family.


Navigating common issues such as urinating outside of the box, fear or aggression can damage your relationship with your cat. We will provide insight to help you interpret your cat’s needs and draw out the behaviors that you want to see instead.

Exotics & Other

From creating low-stress husbandry and training programs for your zoo, clinic, farm or rescue, to building enriched habitats for hedgehogs, we will give you and your team the knowledge and skill necessary to improve the day to day life of any species in your care.

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Online Learning

Learn at your own pace with engaging videos and content offered on a wide variety of topics for you and your animals

Classes & Events

In-person events and workshops offer fun, hands-on learning activities

Personal Consultations

One-on-one private sessions for beginners to professionals in the industry

It's rare to find an animal behaviorist (scientist) who can train; and rare to find an animal trainer who can teach the science of learned behavior.…Read More
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Mertens Mammals, LLC - equine veterinary medicine
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Walks with our Pit Bull bring us joy instead of anxiety!…Read More
Yvette & José
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We are free of urinary accidents and the cats and dogs have developed a friendly respect for each other…Read More
Emily & Joe
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I wish all my clients would use their methods to prepare horses for vet procedures!…Read More
Alicia, DVM
Crossroads Veterinary Service
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Our traumatized mule is now an inquisitive and willing partner in her training and care.…Read More
Suzi, Director
Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary
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