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About Us & Our Services

Who we are and all the things we do

We offer personalized behavior solutions for any animal and for a wide range of behavior problems

All evidence-based with a positive approach

Consultations are customized for you and your pet

How we can help

We frequently partner with our clients to find solutions for problems such as…

Anxiety & Fear
Aggression towards humans or other animals
House soiling
Bringing home a new baby to your pets
Trouble with excitability, manners & poor performance
Cooperation for veterinary care & day-to-day management
And More!
Online Learning

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace with engaging videos and courses offered on a wide variety of topics for you and your animal companions.

Classes & Events

Classes & Events

In-person events and workshops offer fun, hands-on learning activities.

Personal Consultations

Personal Consultations

One-on-One private sessions for beginners to professionals in the industry.

Not sure where to start?

Schedule your Free 15 minute consultation with our animal behavior specialists.
We will answer your questions and help find the best solution for you.

Our Mission

Train with Trust strives to educate people about animals and the use of evidence-based training and behavioral methods to promote productive, trust-based relationships between them.

Our Vision

To build a better world for humans and animals through trust and communication.

Our Story

Train with Trust Behavior Consultants is a partnership born out of a lifelong friendship between zoo and marine mammal expert Megan Phillips, and domestic animal expert Jody Ambrose. Together they share a passion for animal welfare and education. They enjoy working individually and as a team to share their knowledge of humane training and best animal management practices.

Co-Owners & Behavioral Specialists
Megan Phillips

Megan Phillips

Megan trained rhinos and lions at the Denver Zoo, as well as bottlenose dolphins at SeaWorld, before co-founding Train with Trust. She now partners with behavior expert and lifelong friend, Jody Ambrose to bring a unique perspective and set of skills to Train with Trust’s behavior courses and personalized consultations. Train with Trust uses scientifically proven methods to modify behavior, and a collaborative approach to solve problems and strengthen the human-animal bond.
Jody Ambrose

Jody Ambrose

The daughter of a dog obedience trainer and groomer, avid equestrian since age 6, Jody has extensive experience with a wide variety of species, from rhinos (surprisingly horse-like!) to shrimp (trainable…despite the the lack of a brain stem!). She is an active committee member of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, holds an advanced TAGteach certification, and is an animal expert featured on BBC and other media outlets.
It's rare to find an animal behaviorist (scientist) who can train; and rare to find an animal trainer who can teach the science of learned behavior.…Read More
Katharine, DVM
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Walks with our Pit Bull bring us joy instead of anxiety!…Read More
Yvette & José
Rating : 5
We are free of urinary accidents and the cats and dogs have developed a friendly respect for each other…Read More
Emily & Joe
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