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We have started a non-profit, The Train with Trust Project and our first project - The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain

Fireworks Phobia Survival Guide for Dogs

Is your dog afraid of fireworks and loud sounds?

Our Fireworks Phobia Survival Guide will help you understand your dog’s anxiety and provide tools to decrease anxious behavior.

FREE Self-Guided Video Series

24 short videos, each 1-2 mins long. PDFs and other resources.

  • Understand your dog’s anxiety
  • Get tools to decrease anxious behavior
  • Bring some fun to a stressful and scary holiday
  • Tips and demonstrations to use sound recordings
  • Learn desensitization and counter conditioning techniques
  • Change your dog’s association with loud sounds that trigger anxious behavior
  • Have the best 4th of July ever with your pup!

I'm ready to get started! Give me access to Free Videos & Resources.

    Need something more personal and in-depth?

    Live Q&A

    $20 $10 for a limited time

    Every animal and every home is unique. Essential behavior information is followed by plenty of time for Q & A for your specific situation.

    All groups are full. Get on the waitlist.

      Private Consultation Online

      $95 $85 with promo code

      Promo code is found in your confirmation email and at Live Q & A sessions.

      If you think you’ve tried everything, with your dog but are still struggling, you may benefit most from a one-on-one consultation.

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