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We have started a non-profit, The Train with Trust Project and our first project - The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain

Jody is an accomplished equestrian, having won medals in dressage at the North American “junior olympics” and the US Dressage Federation Bronze, Silver & Gold. She has coached numerous students to championships in dressage and eventing, and has supported many of them in building training careers of their own.

She was introduced to clicker training as a child by her mother, who also trains service dogs, and was an early adopter of “clicker training for people,” becoming certified in TAGteach, or Teaching with Acoustical Guidance, in 2007. Over the years she has assisted many non-profit service dog organizations and owner-trained teams. She also helped pioneer ground-breaking animal assisted therapy programs for military veterans and at-risk kids.

More recently, as co-owner of Train with Trust® Behavior Consultants Jody has been given the opportunity to work outside the domestic animal field with a multitude of species. The year she spent working with a feral zebra hybrid named Ziggy was documented in Equitopia’s award-winning short film, Don’t Shoot the Zebra Pony.

With her depth of experience and patient, collaborative teaching style, Jody will:

  • Evaluate your management practices
  • Sharpen your handling skills
  • Reduce you animal’s stress and develop relaxation
  • Establish clear communication
  • Change unwanted behavior
  • Improve performance

Articles have been published about Jody’s work with in major magazines including Practical Horseman, Horse & Rider and Riding Magazine, and she has been featured as an expert on assistance animals and public policy by The BBC.

Bachelors of Communication, University of California San Diego

I’m here to answer any questions you might have about our services. Feel free to contact me using any of the following methods:

Phone: (855) 552-TRUST

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