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The Unprofessional Pet

Taming the Chaos of Working from Home with Pets

Is the dog or cat you love also that embarrassing coworker?

FREE 20 Minute Webinar

Free during the Coronavirus Pandemic

A few simple techniques will help you restore peace and quiet to your workspace. Our road-map for you and your pet(s) will help you work well together and achieve success. Learn:

  • How to set the stage for success
  • The best way to respond when your dog or cat performs a problematic behavior.
  • Plan for what you would like your pet to do instead

Need something more personal and in-depth?

Small Group Class with Q&A

$20 $10 for a limited time

Every animal and every home office is unique. Essential behavior information is followed by plenty of time for Q & A for your specific situation.

  • Understand the reasons for your pet’s “unprofessional” behavior
  • Arrange your home office for success
  • Techniques to get alternate behaviors that will work!
  • Ideas tailored for you and your own pet

Private Consultation Online

$95 $85 with promo code

Promo code given to Webinar and Small Group Attendees

If you think you’ve tried everything, with your dog, cat, or even your human child, you may benefit most from a one-on-one consultation.

I don't need the extra help, just the FREE 20 minute webinar for me.

Self-Paced Video Courses

Introduction to Behavior for Horse Owners

Introduction to Behavior for Horse Owners

In this video course, you will learn the most important aspects of behavior and training for your horse.

  • Understanding what behavior is
  • Differentiating between behavior and constructs
  • Discerning the reasons horses behave as they do
  • Using classical vs operant conditioning
  • Getting the behaviors you want
  • Stopping the behaviors you don’t want
Buy Now for $10

Feature Films

Jody Ambrose & Megan Phillips of Train with Trust® are featured in Don’t Shoot the Zebra Pony, Equitopia’s award-winning documentary about the rescue and rehab of  Ziggy, a 20 year old feral zebra-pony hybrid. Originally bred as an exotic pet with no a plan for her future care, Ziggy’s story raises many important issues surrounding novelty breeding, horse rescue, and standard equine management practices.

View Trailer (4:04)
Watch Video

How well does a horse learn when it is experiencing fear? What happens inside a horse’s mind during training, and what are the outward physical signs that a horse is able to take in new information? In this short film, Jody Ambrose of Train with Trust® is featured, along with legendary horse trainer John Lyons and Dr. John Madigan, Director of the Comparative Neurology Research Group at UC Davis.

Watch Video

Free Educational Videos

Teaching kitten to enjoy restraint for oral medication

Cats can be taught to enjoy the process of being restrained for oral medication. Train with Trust’s foster kittens all learn to take yummy treats from a syringe to form positive associations with handling and equipment.

Teach Your Cat to Love the Carrier

Proactive training is best, of course, but even cats who have learned to hate being in the carrier can be taught to feel comfortable being confined, carried and transported.
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