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We have started a non-profit, The Train with Trust Project and our first project - The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain


The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain

The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain is a film that dares to challenge the way we look at reactive horses, and promotes the notion that lameness doesn’t start at the head bob.

This documentary short film, produced by Padma Video in partnership with The Train with Trust Project, dares to challenge the way we understand reactive horses, and has started a global conversation about our role in ensuring the highest level of welfare for ridden horses.

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Don't Shoot the Zebra Pony

Jody Ambrose & Megan Phillips of Train with Trust® are featured in Don’t Shoot the Zebra Pony, Equitopia’s award-winning documentary about the rescue and rehab of  Ziggy, a 20 year old feral zebra-pony hybrid. Originally bred as an exotic pet with no a plan for her future care, Ziggy’s story raises many important issues surrounding novelty breeding, horse rescue, and standard equine management practices.

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Training Without Fear

How well does a horse learn when it is experiencing fear? What happens inside a horse’s mind during training, and what are the outward physical signs that a horse is able to take in new information? In this short film, Jody Ambrose of Train with Trust® is featured, along with legendary horse trainer John Lyons and Dr. John Madigan, Director of the Comparative Neurology Research Group at UC Davis.

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Self Paced Courses

The Unprofessional Pet: Taming the Chaos of Working from Home with Pets

FREE Webinar

A few simple techniques will help you restore peace and quiet to your workspace. Our road-map for you and your pet(s) will help you work well together and achieve success.

Fireworks Phobia Survival Guide for Dogs

FREE Self-Paced Videos

Learn to understand your dog’s anxiety and provide tools to decrease anxious behavior while bringing some fun to a potentially stressful and scary holiday.

Free Educational Videos

Teaching kitten to enjoy restraint for oral medication

Cats can be taught to enjoy the process of being restrained for oral medication. Train with Trust’s foster kittens all learn to take yummy treats from a syringe to form positive associations with handling and equipment.

Teach Your Cat to Love the Carrier

Proactive training is best, of course, but even cats who have learned to hate being in the carrier can be taught to feel comfortable being confined, carried and transported.
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