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Human Hand Horse Brush Bond

Human Animal Bond

We can help you build a great relationship with your animals through training, enrichment and more! Set up a FREE 15 minute consultation with our animal behavior specialists. We will answer your questions and help find the best solution for…

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Cat Communication – Listen to the Ears!

Our cats rely very heavily on body language to communicate with each other. Eyes, tails, ears, overall body posture and positions provide an almost continuous, subtle, moment-to-moment conversation. Vocalizations are important, of course, but they often occur in situations that…

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Is Your Cat Motivated by Food? Of Course!

If you’re interested in training you understand that motivation is important. Just as with dogs, dolphins and elephants, cats can be motivated for training with food as well as attention, petting and praise. Are they more difficult to motivate than…

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How self-awareness will make you a better trainer

When someone asks “what will I need for my animal training lessons” the answer you’d usually expect is something like this: “You’ll need a clicker, a leash, a saddle, a treat pouch…” or some other relevant equipment. Or maybe “You’ll…

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