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Announcing Our New Logo and Look

New Logo & Color Scheme

We’re excited to announce that we are rebranding with a new logo and color scheme that better reflect our current identity, as we have evolved over our 12 years in business.

Realizing that the underlying substance of all our work is relationship, we have chosen to be represented by animals who convey this message in the way they live their lives together.

The Relationship between Rhino and Bird

The kinship that exists between rhinos and birds is the perfect symbol of the bonds we strive to foster at Train with Trust. These two very different animals depend upon one another to survive and thrive, illustrating how strong relationships are rooted in understanding, communication, mutual benefit and trust.

Whether we are assisting an individual cat owner to overcome a litter box challenge, teaching young parents the best way  to prepare for life with a dog and a baby, helping rescue volunteers enrich the lives of equines, or training other educators how to coach their students, relationship is the common thread.

Understanding, Communication, Mutual Benefit and Trust

Understanding, communication, mutual benefit and trust. This is what we will continue to bring to our business and community. You will see this new look on our website, social media and everywhere we are in public as a reminder of what we hope to share with the world.

Megan & Jody at Train with Trust educate people about animals and the use of evidence-based training and behavior methods to promote productive, trust-based relationships.
Jody Ambrose

Jody Ambrose

Jody is a Grand Prix dressage trainer and assistance dog expert with a passion for teaching humans how to train. She strives to incorporate positive reinforcement and evidence-based methods into her work with people as well as their animals.

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